Conversation Participant Confidentiality

Guernsey Research occasionally conducts technology conversations with carefully selected authoritative executives, IT managers, developers, and other technology decision-makers around the world to better understand technology decisions, implementation architectures, platform requirements, and costs. This work may be sponsored by third party companies. We want you to be completely candid because your expertise is important. To make sure you are able to participate without restriction please note,

  • We are not selling you anything.
  • The conversation is confidential and anonymous.
  • We are the only people who contact you.
  • Your perspectives will contribute to aggregated results we prepare reflecting our understanding of your, and your peers, overall area of expertise.
  • Often we will share with you an executive summary of these perspectives.
  • Your identity, or identifying information, will remain entirely confidential. This includes your name, your contact information, your company name, and any other identifying information.
  • We do not store your identity with the results, your perspectives are only referenced by a numeric contact ID.
  • Any separate identifying information is stored in encrypted format.
  • We do not share your identifying information with the sponsors of the results, if any.
  • Any sponsors are informed beforehand that they will not have access to any identifying information, and that they will not be able to contact you directly.
  • We do not publish any identifying information in our reports, if prepared.

As a thank you for your time spent qualifying and completing a conversation, we may send you a gift certificate or donate to the Red Cross.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us through

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