Do you sell technology products through a reseller channel? Do you know what your customers are actually paying for your product? Is your discount structure maximizing your partners' and your own profitability?
Do you sell technology products through a reseller channel? How satisfied are your customers with the impact of your purchase process?
Are you considering launching a new product? Do you know what your target customers really need? Why do they reject your competitors?
Are you a market research provider, or a company looking at a market opportunity? Do your market forecasts mirror current adoption curves? What can you expect?
Are you getting leading edge analysis and experience when you look at the market?

Guernsey Research solves these problems for technology vendors, both startups and growth companies. Our core competency is a set of customer contact methodologies and analysis tools that yield evidence-based results. We can get you the tools and answers you need, fast.

Let us help you understand and have confidence in your channel and market today.

Are we focusing channel profitability where it is most effective? How can we increase revenue in a controlled way?
Do our customers get the support they need through the purchase process? Do our licensing models work?
We need to be sure about market needs. We need evidence and deep analysis.