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"We sell through a reseller channel and have low visibility to our customers. We need to understand the street price that our customers actually pay." We want to...
bullet Assess the effectiveness of current pricing and discounting practices. For example we need
  • The effect on the end-customer discount of changes in channel discount
  • by product line, SKU
  • by geo, region, country
  • by Partner Program
  • by Promotion
  • by Loyalty Program
  • By industry, size of business
  • Consistently and accurately over each quarter.
  • more...
bullet Gain insights on partner margin, and how discounts are passed along to end customers. Partner margin is currently a closed book, we need to understand
  • What programs and discounts contribute most to our partner's margin
  • How much of our discount programs actually get passed through to customers
  • Where is our pricing out of balance, where are resellers hedging to guard against exchange risk
bullet Improve our Partner Relationships. We want to determine
  • Effectiveness of programs
  • Partner margin changes in response to program changes
  • Opportunities to increase revenue
Guernsey Research solves these problems for technology vendors. Our core competency is a proven customer research methodology that yields accurate transaction data. We will deliver a program that can help you understand your channel margin, in detail. Call us now for an overview.