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"We're not getting what we need from our market research subscriptions", we want...

bullet More than the standard two dimensions. For example we need
  • Size of market by size of business by platform
  • Size of market by region by size of business
  • Installed base forecasts
  • Anticipated upgrade conversion rates and impact
  • By industry, region, size of business
  • Consistent scenarios across multiple segments.
  • Degrees of penetration by market segment
  • more...
bullet Ready-to-use data. We have to do a lot of work on the data we get today.
  • We need consistent definitions and a way to integrate the data with our other sources.
  • Even if the company doesn't exactly know, I want its best shot, associate probabilities with future scenarios. Show me the thinking behind them.
bullet Because we want to
  • Size a market by segment,
  • Identify segment opportunities,
  • Know where should we focus our sales efforts.
Guernsey Research solves these problems for technology vendors. Our core competency is a set of market forecast tools and a methodology that yields results far more useful than those available via spreadsheets and traditional research sources. We can deliver the tools and services that can help you consistently integrate the data you get from multiple sources. We can deliver results immediately. Not next quarter, NOW.