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GR Forecaster is a next-generation multi-dimensional forecasting tool.

bullet 6 completely editable, (top-down or bottom-up) definable dimensions with grouping and categorization inside each dimension. Some samples (grouping suggestions in parentheses) are
  • Regions (Countries)
  • Markets (Enterprise, size of business, consumer, professional)
  • Software Platforms (Windows, browsers, versions, server, client, handheld, proprietary)
  • Hardware Products (Function, Price Bands, vendor)
  • Industries (primary segments, secondary segments, SIC codes)
  • Processors (Processor families, 32-bit, 64-bit)
bullet Display Metrics-each of these is available, and editable for any combination or summary of the dimensions.
  • Year and Quarter time units
  • Revenue
  • Units
  • Average Sales Price
  • Installed Base
  • Upgrades
bullet Key capabilities include:
  • Tight Integration with Microsoft Office tools,
  • Import and Export via Excel, or CSV formats, or preformatted for pivot tables.
  • Generation of Excel sheets that can be customized and then re-imported
  • Generation of forecast reports in Word or Excel, formatted with trends and CAGR for publication or instant client response
bullet Forecasting Tools-The Problem
bullet Forecasting Tools
bullet GR-Forecaster Architecture
bullet Forecasting Services

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